What is Animal Justice Project?

Animal Justice Project is an international, nonprofit organisation dedicated to the ending of animal experimentation and other forms of speciesism. We believe that non-human animals should have equal rights and standing in the world. By bringing to light the reality of vivisection, through advocacy, education, outreach and research. We aim to expose the injustices that take place in society with regards to animals.

Our objective

We are working to create a society where all animals are treated equally, with compassion and respect, as well as an end to their exploitation in laboratories and farms. We advocate the abolition of animal breeding, and the abolition of the use of animals in all forms of research and within educational institutions. Animal Justice Project is opposed to animal experiments on moral grounds and also on scientific grounds.

How can your donations help?

We offer free materials to students, but this comes at a cost. Please support us so we can plan ahead and ensure that our campaigns reach as many people as possible. Here are some examples on how we will spend your money:

  • £115 pays for 2,000 student briefings on better methods of research without harming animals
  • £50 pays for 2,500 A5 leaflets exposing animal experiments in UK universities
  • £15 pays for 200 educational student leaflets 
  • £5 covers postage for a Campus without Cruelty outreach pack to be sent to a UK university

Thank you on behalf of all the animals suffering in silence and the Animal Justice Project team.

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