Hannah became vegan in her last year of high school while growing up in Thailand. She was inspired by a school trip to an elephant sanctuary where she was introduced to veganism and helping animals. She then proceeded to volunteer at her local dog shelter for two years and set up multiple school fundraisers to help get vaccinations, food, neuterings, and medical treatments for stray dogs.

Although she did this initially to get her diploma from school, over time it soon became central to her life, especially after she began research about veganism and animal rights online. She then moved to her parent’s home town, Manchester, where she became involved in the animal rights movement and the local vegan community, spending most of her time doing outreach to the public and various forms of street activism.

She realised Manchester University experimented on animals after a student told her about a school trip around the laboratories. Compelled to speak out for the incarcerated animals in Manchester, she applied to work for Animal Justice Project as the Northern Coordinator. Since then, Hannah has set up outreach events and fundraisers at the Manchester student union under the ‘Campus Without Cruelty Manchester’ banner. She has also organised planning meetings, educated herself through research, and carried out a speech for Animal Justice Project on World Day for Animals in Laboratories 2017 in Birmingham. As the Northern Coordinator, she continues to work on groundbreaking projects in the north of England, and campaigns against animal experiments at Manchester University