Eithne has always loved animals. She says this was due to being brought up close to nature in rural Ireland and being around rescue animals all her life. Eithne has been vegetarian since age 12 and transitioned to veganism when she visited different farms and slaughter houses as part of an agricultural science school subject.

Eithne has a BSc (Hons) in Animal welfare and Behaviour and enjoys working in wildlife rehabilitation, canine hydrotherapy, veterinary clinics and rescue centres. She has hopes to go on to postgraduate study. Eithne applied to help Animal Justice Project with their campaigns when she learned more about animal experiments and wanted to put her time to good use and help the animals! In her spare time, she also does some volunteering at Challenge 22+ to help people transition to a vegan lifestyle.

Eithne can be contacted at eithne@animaljusticeproject.com