Tell Bristol University to stop using animals!

Animal experimentation: cat (Photo: PETA)

(Photo: PETA)

We are appealing for Bristol University to consider using non-animal based methods in their research efforts. Please sign and share this petition worldwide to tell Bristol University that it is time to end animal experiments!

On 5th September 2017, Bristol University finally responded to pressure from our campaign and answered the requests for greater transparency regarding their animal research! We carried out several creative stunts both on and off campus, as well as launched an online petition that was signed by hundreds of concerned people. We have achieved nationwide media coverage and widespread support across social media. Now that they have responded to the requests we are appealing for Bristol University to consider non-animal based methods to animal research.
 They stated that ‘In 2016, the University used 26,990 animals in research’, with the types of animals including mice (13,472), rats (3,462), zebrafish (8,964), Bats (323), chickens (190), Goats (108), sheep (39), rabbits (124), Xenopus (112), pigs (101), dogs (94) and cats (1).