• This Thursday (22 March), a creative stunt using over a hundred toy mice and stunning visuals will take place on the Kent University campus to illustrate plight of 476 mice housed there for laboratory experiments and urge the university to go animal free. The stunt will also highlight the fact that this number is a 400 per cent increase on 2016. This unnecessary use and expansion of animals within the School of Biosciences is a worrying sign that Kent University is not moving with the times.

  • International pressure group, Animal Justice Project [1], hosted Birmingham's first 'Light Brigade' [2] on Saturday 10 March highlighting the use of a staggering 54,728 animals [3] – including rats, mice, fish and amphibians - by researchers from Birmingham University.

  • Animal Justice Project invites journalists to a colourful protest against animal experiments at the entrance of the We The Curious Science Museum where the University of Bristol is hosting a symposium attended by animal researchers.


  • Last year, over 25,000 animals were harmed in experiments causing severe pain, suffering and distress to species such as ferrets, rabbits and pigs. As part of its Campus Without Cruelty campaign, Animal Justice Project [1] today exposes the experiments being carried out at the University including those funded by well-known charities.

  • Non-profit organisation, Animal Justice Project, reveals this World Week for Animals in Laboratories, a catalogue of fear-based experiments at Cardiff University, including those where mice were subjected to electric shocks as featured in the Wales on Sunday newspaper and Wales Online on Sunday 30th April 2017.