• Scores of campaigners and students will come together on Friday 2 December to protest the use of animals in experiments at one of the UK’s leading universities - University College London (UCL). The university - ranked to be 7th in the world [1] - is the third largest user of animals in the UK and used over 202,000 animals there last year alone [2] At the launch of its Campus without Cruelty campaign in the capital city, Animal Justice Project [3] has uncovered what it calls ‘scientifically-flawed, cruel and futile’ experiments carried out at London universities.

  • At noon on Friday 23rd of September 2016, outside Cardiff University main gates on Park Place, scores of protesters will hold a silent protest in remembrance of the 52,564 animals experimented on at Cardiff University last year, equivalent to #SixEveryHour. A speech will be given by Animal Justice Project Spokesperson, Rachel Ward.

  • At noon on Saturday 1 October 2016, outside Wills Building on Queens Road, scores of Animal Justice Project [1] volunteers from Bristol and surrounding areas will hold a silent vigil using props. Using the hashtag #CatGotYourTongue, Animal Justice Project’s Campus without Cruelty campaign reveals cats and other animals being used by Bristol University researchers, as well as their silence on this issue.