Join World Day for Laboratory Animals 2019!

Let’s make Saturday 27 April 2019 the biggest march for laboratory animals the UK has seen in recent years. It will take place in #Oxford – home to a university experimenting on the largest number of animals in Britain.

Animal Justice Project, SPEAK, Oxford Vegan Action, Bristol Vegan Action and Bath Animal Rights will come together on this important day to host a spectacular and innovative march for animals in laboratories.

There will be guest speakers, #vegan food and campaign stands, a media presence, exciting and creative stunts … and a positive vibe!

** We need YOU! Please share this event, invite friends, and come along! If you’d like to host a stand, sell food, or put forward a speaker, get in touch! **


Since the opening of its latest facility in 2008, Oxford University has harmed and killed millions of animals including mice, rats, guinea pigs, ferrets, nonhuman primates, pigs, rabbits and fish.

As a leading centre of academic excellence, Oxford should be using and encouraging research methods enhancing medical progress not holding it back by cruel and futile experiments.

In vitro research, Epidemiology, post-mortem studies, Genetic research, clinical studies, computer modelling, human stem cells, fluid chip technology are but a few of the exciting advancements in medical research that Oxford could and should be working with.

Please join us on World Day for Laboratory Animals in Oxford and let’s not let laboratory animals be forgotten.

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