Campus Without Cruelty

Campus without Cruelty is an Animal Justice Project campaign launched in 2016 to tackle animal experiments taking place on university campuses across the UK. Currently, government figures show that around half of all experiments take place in universities.

Campus without Cruelty has three main aims:

  • To raise awareness among students and staff at universities, and other educational institutions, on the issue of animal experimentation
  • To encourage students not to use live animals as part of their education, and provide guidance on how to do this
  • To carry out positive outreach on university campuses to spread the message of compassion and animal rights

Get active for animals!

Are you a student or member of a local animal rights group? Get active!

Why not carry out positive outreach on your university campus and inform students that violence has no place in education, or modern-day society!

Order a pack of leaflets from our shop and get active at your local university!

Campus Without Cruelty: Uni-Watch


Uni-Watch is a part of the Campus without Cruelty campaign where we reveal to the public what really goes on inside university laboratories. Our dedicated team of researchers are working hard right now to uncover what universities would rather you didn’t know. » Read More


Student Resources

Are you a science student? Would you like to learn more? Watch this video of Dr Ray Greek’s lecture at the University of Toronto on 19 September 2011 titled ‘Animals, Science and Research’. » Read more


A million lives lost

Using the Freedom of Information Act, Animal Justice Project contacted 110 universities between April and June 2016 to gather information about animal experiments carried out on their premises over the previous year. » Read more

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