BLOG: Turkey Lifeline Five City Tour – Ayrton Cooper, Campaigner, Animal Justice Project

A big festive welcome to our Christmas vegan outreach tour! The next part in our very popular Lifeline Campaign is asking members of the public to give turkeys a miracle this Christmas, by leaving them off their plates. By leaving animal products off the menu we can give animals the ultimate miracle: their freedom. Turkeys are incredibly intelligent and inquisitive; they are just like dogs. They love to play with footballs and have a great time. They really have an appetite for life! If you spend any time around turkeys, you will see their true characters shine and it will fill you with so much joy!


We are going to be in five cities around the UK this December: Nottingham, Sheffield, Cheltenham, Lincoln and Croydon. We will have a huge digital van with our Turkey Lifeline adverts on all sides including a brand-new video we have produced showing why our campaign is vital. We want to engage directly with the public and how best to do this than with food? We will be offering a range of vegan ‘meats’ to try to encourage them to go vegan this Christmas! Through a combination of powerful imagery, video footage and free vegan food, our outreach is going to be incredibly effective and we really cannot wait! We will also have our brand-new turkey leaflets to hand out which are available to order on our Online Shop.


We need you! The more people we have at events, the more effective they will be and the better our voice will be for the animals. All you need to do it turn up, we have everything ready to go.

Event schedule:

1 December 2018, 11-2pm
8 December 2018, 11-2pm
9 December 2018, 11-2pm
15 December 2018, 12-3pm
16 December 2018, 11-2pm

As the Vegan Outreach Campaigner for Animal Justice Project, I am very excited for these events! Social media and other forms of advertising are such strong tools to spread awareness in animal rights but getting out there on the streets directly talking to the public is a rewarding, effective way to help the animals. I am really proud of how successful this campaign is going and our Turkey Lifelines are going to help us gain more momentum and to continue out work.

The resources and advertising that has gone into Lifeline Campaign comes at a price. To continue our work, we need ongoing help from you guys. We really couldn’t do this without you! If you are able to, pledge towards our Christmas Crowdfunder to help us continue with our important campaign work.

Thank you for all your support, we look forward to seeing and hearing from you in the future!

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