Lifeline: A campaign by Animal Justice Project partnered with The Save Movement

Over the last couple of months our Lifeline campaign has reached thousands of people all over the UK with our vegan message! With our digital billboards, digital bus stop adverts and table wraps inside universities, the campaign has been a huge success. With this comes a responsibility to keeping the momentum going … and we will not disappoint.

SAVE x AJP partnership announcement from Animal Justice Project on Vimeo.

We have hosted Lifeline outreaches with some fantastic local animal rights groups in multiple cities including London, Manchester, Bath and Oxford. There are many more still to come including Birmingham and Bristol. The fast-growing Lifeline campaign has been incredibly popular amongst vegan activists and compassionate groups who wish to speak up for the vulnerable members of our society, but we want to take it a step further! We want our campaign to help educate as many people as possible and to save as many animals as possible. We are so excited therefore to announce that we have formed a new partnership with the phenomenal The Save Movement.

Launching on November 1st – World Vegan Day – our new partnership for our Speciesism Lifelines will begin! Our Speciesism Lifelines highlight the plight of ‘food’ animals – the industries responsible for the most animals being killed globally. With tens of billions of animals farmed and killed each year, we need to take our activism to the next level and help end these atrocious industries.

The Save Movement bears witness to animals in their final stages of their lives at slaughterhouses and documents their conditions. With over 60 Save groups around the UK and 500 worldwide, encouraging these activists to hold Lifeline events could make a huge difference on the potential public reach.

We are incredibly excited about this new partnership and we know The Save Movement are too! Andrew Gough, Campaigns & Outreach, Save Movement UK CIC, states: “Animal agriculture and vivisection both stem from the errant belief that we humans have a right to use animals, be it for food, clothing or in the name of science. The Save Movement and Animal Justice Project are natural partners in tackling both of these facets of animal exploitation through effective public outreach events and national advertising campaigns.”

Ayrton Cooper, Vegan Outreach Campaigner, Animal Justice Project, states: “A huge amount of passion and love has gone into creating our Lifeline campaign which has been effectively rolled out nationwide over the last couple of months. We aim to end animal exploitation completely and our new partnership with The Save Movement will help us accelerate this! By encouraging TSM activists to hold Lifelines, we can educate more people on the needless horrors of animal agriculture and animal experimentation. Together we are huge power house of knowledge, skill and determination and this, I believe, is enough to end cruelty towards animals. Join us in becoming a Lifeline for animals!”

Our Speciesism Lifelines will continue in the same format as before but we have a brand-new video to show! A transportation video has been created using video footage from TSM vigils in the UK to show the conditions that animals are transported in. This is an area which has not been covered in depth and there are no current videos like this in the UK. This is an incredibly important area to cover as this will further debunk the use of the terms ‘free range’ and ‘organic’ as their transport is all the same: stressful, long and frightening! The true horror of inside factory farms can only be seen at a glimpse through transportation, but it is necessary for us to show it.

Launching us of with partnership Lifelines is a collaboration among Lifeline Campaign and Nottinghamshire Animal Save! Their event, being held in the centre of Nottingham, will be on November 17th. The following weekend Derbyshire Animal Save will be joining us in Derby city centre on the 24th too! Many more Lifelines are upcoming including Walsall, Bristol, Swansea and Cardiff! You can find the full list of our events here.

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