BLOG: Change! – Arunita Seth

The cruel practice of vivisection has plagued schooling institutions for a while now, and let’s face it, it is as medieval as it is pointless. I am one in one of those said schools who still regularly commit this barbarity, and witnessing anymore of this brutality hidden behind the pathetic excuse of ‘learning’ became unbearable. As a 14 year old, I pretty much felt like I had no voice, no ability.

But outrage does funny things, it makes it tough to stay silent.

So with my animal activism group that i founded backing me up, (I’m the only member) I dove into the world of research. I knew dissection was cruel, but I had no idea what was truly behind it. Many animals are specifically bred for the sole purpose of having their organs ripped out of their bodies for a bunch of clueless teenagers to stare at and poke, and later throw away and never remember. They live their lives in terrible conditions, cold and bleak, and are later killed with no mercy.

Fetal pigs are ripped from their mothers womb whilst at the slaughterhouse and endangered species of frogs are snatched away. Majority of cats used once used to be someone’s lost ‘pet’.

With this new knowledge flowing through my veins, I wrote a detailed letter filled with facts and statistics (and more outrage) and sent it to the principal. Three months later, the Head of the Science Department and the Assistant Principal called me into a meeting, with serious and slightly inconvenienced faces, sat me down and informed me that dissection is affordable somehow encourages students to become doctors. They also believed that using the cows eye was respecting the cows life in an odd way. Then a 30 minute argument commenced in the end of which I was ushered out as lunchtime had ended. I left with a sense of confusion, and I hate to admit it, but a feeling of defeat.

The next time there was a dissection in my science class,  a virtual dissection was offered and four students (including me of course) chose it. That’s right, virtual! I was impressed with the numbers as last year, there were only two.

So you may be wondering the actual point of this entire story. I believe there are multiple. Change is slowly and surely occurring, especially in this new generation. Dedication and determination always pays off. Dissection truly is useless. And, if you’re armed with passion and a noble cause, no step is too small or insignificant. In the lake of life, anything can create a ripple.