Animal Justice Project Wins The Pollination Project Grant!

The Animal Justice Project has won a grant from The Pollination Project to help fund its campaigns against animal exploitation. The Pollination Project received 550 applications for the grant this year, from which it selected 71 to receive funding.

The grant will support the next phase of the Animal Justice Project’s growth, enabling the organisation to continue working towards the eradication of animal experimentation and other forms of speciesism. It will help to finance advocacy, education, protests and research.

The Pollination Project proudly identifies as a vegan organisation, and tries to support projects which likely wouldn’t qualify for funding elsewhere. Its mission is to relieve the suffering caused by all forms of oppression, and it also recognises the negative environmental impact of animal agriculture. It aims to “unleash goodness and expand compassion”, and gives away daily ‘seed grants’ of $1,000 along with larger ‘impact grants’ such as that which has been awarded to the Animal Justice Project.

Impact grants are only given to projects with demonstrated success, so the grant is being awarded in recognition of what the Animal Justice Project has already accomplished. Previous The Pollination Project grantees have gone on to receive media attention and international awards.

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