Animal Justice Project Tells Bristol University No More Animal Experiments!

Twenty-five activists and supportive members of the public came together to protest against the University of Bristol experimenting on over 26,000 animals a year – including rodents, pigs and cats.

Animal Justice Project hosted the event at a symposium to mark the launch of the new National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Centre (BRC), which cost a staggering £21 million. Animal Justice Project has long campaigned against the university for its cruel animal experiments – including brain experiments on cats, and crippling experiments on mice, which would cause severe suffering.

University President, Prof. Hugh Brady, saw our placards, props and banner as he entered the event to make a keynote speech. Many other animal researchers took leaflets as they entered the event. We were met by journalists and photographers – all were impressed by our props, which included a model dissected frog, placards, and rabbit masks!

We continued the protest in the evening with one of our eye-catching Light Brigades in Bristol town centre and took the opportunity to speak with members of the public who wanted to know more about our campaigns, and the animal experimentation taking place inside Bristol University. Supportive members of the public even joined our protest!

Organiser Claire Palmer, founder of Animal Justice Project, said: “We are taking an opportunity to tell both the Bristol University president and the university’s researchers that we are against animal experiments in our city, and despite its best efforts to hide what is taking place in its labs, we will continue to tell the public about it. Particularly, as taxpayers, we are paying for it”.

While other universities are turning to humane, cutting-edge non-animal work, Bristol University looks set to fly in the face of overwhelming public and scientific opinion by continuing its macabre practices on 26,000 animals a year. The huge rise in veganism within Britain over the past decade has come about partly because of the public’s condemnation of our treatment of animals and the public will not tolerate cruel experiments going on behind Bristol University’s doors.

In 2016, Bristol University tested on 26,990 animals. More than half of these were rodents and a third was fish, though tests were also conducted on more than 300 bats, 150 chicken and 100 pigs as well as 94 dogs and a cat”.

We want to say a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to our supporters, volunteers and members of the public who came along to make this event such a success! A special thanks to the designers, our Creative Director – Melanie Light, Animal Justice Project Team member Sylvie who helped with props!

Theatrical protest 
Light brigade


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