NYC Proposes Banning Import And Sale Of New Animal Tested Cosmetics

New York City has proposed an act, The New York Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act, that will stop the import and sale of any product tested on animals from the date the law comes into effect. If the law is passed it will make New York the first US state to introduce legislation of this kind.

The bill, which was first brought about in 2016 thanks to Cruelty Free International, was re-introduced last year and will mean that New York will join the European Union, Norway, Israel, and India in prohibiting the sale of new animal tested cosmetics.

The act would ban animal testing for cosmetics after a one-year phase in and followed by a three-year phase in period for a ban on the sale of animal tested cosmetics. The European Union took a similar approach in 2003 when they began the ban on the testing of cosmetic products on animals. The marketing ban was finalised on March 11th 2013, after that date no tested products could be sold there. This longer phase in period for the EU was to allow opportunity for alternatives to be developed and accepted by international testing authorities.  

New York has long been a leader in promoting modern alternatives to animal testing. In 2008 the state passed a bill making it illegal to conduct cosmetics animal testing if an alternative method is available.

The North American Campaign Manager for Cruelty Free International said ‘the legislation sets an example for the rest of the United States to catch up with the global demand for safe and humane cosmetics.’

The next step is for the bill to be heard in a committee before proceeding to a floor vote.