Animal Justice Project Partners Up With Ecotricity!

The electricity that Ecotricity provides is 100% green! A third of which is made by the company from their fleet of windmills and sunmills. The rest of the energy is bought from green suppliers.

Ecotricity was founded in 1995 by Dale Vince, who had the idea to cut out the middleman and start an energy company, to reach the end user with this new Green Electricity, to get a fair price – to enable him to build windmills. The company delivered green electricity to its first customer in April 1996.

In 2010 Vince became a major shareholder of Forest Green Rovers Football Club in Gloucestershire, and three months later was appointed chairman. In February 2011 players were banned from eating red meat for health reasons, and a few weeks later the sale of all red meat products was banned at the club’s ground. In October 2015 Forest Green became the world’s first entirely vegan football club!

Ecotricity are innovatively leading the way. The company is producing green gas from grass and putting it directly into the gas grid. It has several Green Gasmills currently in planning, and these will produce 100% green gas. They will also provide a viable alternative to fracking in Britain.  

In 2007 ‘Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s assessment’ has concluded, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Earth is nearing the stage when carbon dioxide rises will bring irreversible change to the planet. Electricity generation from conventional fossil fuel sources is responsible for over 30% of the UK’s carbon emissions, making it the single largest contributor, which is why the work of Ecotricity is so vital and urgent.  

If you switch your electricity and gas supplier to Ecotricity, the company will donate up to £50 to fund our campaigns for animals. This means that by making the easy switch you’re not only reducing your carbon footprint but also helping us to end cruel and unnecessary experimentation on animals.

CLICK HERE to switch today! 

Support us, support Ecotricity, and help create a better world for all!