Increased Demand For Vegan Products Will See Egg Replacement Market Soar

The market for egg substitutes is expected to see a boost between now and 2023, due to the growing numbers of consumers choosing a plant-based diet. People are becoming increasingly aware about the health and ethical issues related to the consumption of eggs.

There is a huge amount of scientific evidence that suggests consuming eggs can cause many health issues. For example, the type of choline found in eggs is known today as a leading contributor to atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease , and peripheral artery disease. In addition to this, the concentrated proteins, saturated fat, and dietary cholesterol found in eggs clogs our lymphatic system, intestines and colon.

Some egg replacement ingredients can include: soy-based products, starch, yeast extract, and wheat gluten among any others.

Banana is also a good replacement for an egg in a recipe, especially for a desert. Some of the banana flavor may come out strong in the dish which can often enhance the recipe. Flax seeds are another great natural replacement as they work as a good binding agent (it is best to use ground flax seeds). Simply combine three tablespoons of water with a single tablespoon of ground flax seed. Let it sit for a bit until it’s thickened, then use it in the recipe.

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