BLOG: This is a call to action! – Samantha Francis

Every year for the last five years Moffatt, a small town in Dumfries, Scotland, holds a sheep race through their town. 2017 will be their sixth year. Or, if we are successful, last year will be their last.

The sheep are raced through the town and people place bets on which one will win. Crowds line the streets and cheer and shout as they race by. Sheep are by nature timid and quiet animals. This must be a terrifying experience for them. Sheep are prey animals, which means they are sought, captured and eaten by a predator, so they will only run when they are frightened.

I have started a Care 2 petition to get this race cancelled on grounds of cruelty. Just a few weeks ago, I was successful in getting a sheep race in Cambridgeshire cancelled with a petition that had gained over 40,000 at the time of cancellation.

This race is likely to be more tricky. The race in Cambridgeshire was part of a village fete. The Moffatt sheep race is a tourist attraction and brings in a lot of money for local businessmen. And when you threaten someone’s wallet, then you get resistance.

The organisers have already said they will not cancel the race. However my petition is currently at 72,000 and now PETA have kindly got involved. They sent a letter to the Moffatt council requesting the race be cancelled. There has been no response as yet.

I am asking that anyone who cares about animals and wants to end their use as commodities, please get behind me in this campaign.


Please sign the petition!

You can also write a polite letter to Mr Bob Opray at Moffat council!

The race is due to be held on 13th August. We still have time!

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