On 29th July, Birmingham Activism groups united to make a stand against the cruel and barbaric research done on animals funded by the British Heart Foundation.

Animal Justice Project, West Mids Connection and Birmingham Animal Action came together and made their presence known outside both shops in the City Centre.

We placed banners across the front of the store, activists held posters and our stall was set up to bring awareness to the public passers by stopped to find out more about what was going on and every person we spoke to were appalled to learn that by shopping in British Heart Foundation stores they were funding needless and cruel animal research and made the decision not to use the shop again. Most people made a donation to help us continue our work and signed up for more information. It was an extremely successful day.

British Heart Foundation are notorious for carrying out unnecessary experiments on animals including dogs, sheep and ferrets and were exposed in 2014 when the news story hit the headlines. Since then the group “British Heartless Foundation” was created and have organised protests all over the country to bring awareness to the unsuspecting public about what their money is actually funding.

IMAGE: Steven Sirrell


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BLOG: This is a call to action! – Samantha Francis

Every year for the last five years Moffatt, a small town in Dumfries, Scotland, holds a sheep race through their town. 2017 will be their sixth year. Or, if we are successful, last year will be their last.

The sheep are raced through the town and people place bets on which one will win. Crowds line the streets and cheer and shout as they race by. Sheep are by nature timid and quiet animals. This must be a terrifying experience for them. Sheep are prey animals, which means they are sought, captured and eaten by a predator, so they will only run when they are frightened.

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BLOG: The Future Is Here – Non Animal Testing – Judith Snaith

Some may argue that it is not moral to grow human organs at all, let alone test on them. This level of playing God seems to be too futuristic to be comprehended as a current possibility.

I have grown up seeing science progress to the point of cloning sheep and growing ears on the back of mice. This has never sat well with me personally, yet I never heard many people opposing it. I have, however, heard a lot about people opposing stem cell research in recent years. I think it’s safe to say that humans put a much higher value on their own species than they do on the lives of other species.

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