BLOG: Practical tips for homeowners to make windows bird-safe – Jenny, Freelance Writer, United States

Every year, billions of birds crash into windows causing serious injuries, internal damage to the organs or at worst, deaths. Unknowingly, bird fly into windows because they believe the reflection they see is an extension of the sky, trees and flowers or other birds. According to a recent study by a University of Alberta researcher, homes with lots of vegetation (trees, plants and bushes) and bird feeders have the most incidents of collisions. Along with cats, bird collision is one of the top reasons why deaths occur.

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BLOG: Huge THANKS to everyone who made our UCL event possible! – Claire Palmer, Spokesperson

Scores of campaigners, students, and Animal Justice Project volunteers came together on Friday 2 December to hold hearts for the animals inside one of the UK’s leading universities – University College London (UCL). At our third Campus without Cruelty event in a UK university, attendees held signs, props, and encouraged UCL students to make origami hearts. The hearts were placed into the ground at the university’s Main Quad.

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