Animal Justice Project takes monkey campaign to Swedish Embassy

Animal Justice Project takes monkey campaign to Swedish Embassy this World Week for Animals in Laboratories!
Following the immense media coverage our #StopMonkeyImports campaign has received over this past month, including features in The Express, The Glasgow Evening Times, The Guardian Series, The York Press and The Irish Examiner, yesterday we kicked off our weekend of action for the 24 monkeys held by Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, and to mark World Week for Animals in Laboratories.
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Animal Justice Project featured in The Sunday Times

Animal Justice Project was featured in The Sunday Times on Sunday 10th April 2016 regarding the issue of red squirrels being experimented on and killed at the Moredun Institute in 2015. The study mentioned in the article was one in which three captive bred red squirrels were infected with the squirrelpox virus before being allowed to succumb to the disease for seventeen days and be killed at the end of it. While the researchers involved, including individuals from Edinburgh and Glasgow university, stated that this was done in order to protect red squirrels in the long run, the killing of red squirrels to achieve this is hypocritical.
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1 April 2016

Welcome to the eleventh issue of REACT Animal Justice Project’s newsletter! A big welcome if this is your first issue, many thanks for signing up and we hope you enjoy it!
Animal Justice Project is run by a team of volunteers and we need your help. Please support our work by campaigning with us, donating or attending our events. Join us in the struggle to free the non-human animals who are held as prisoners right this second. Help us end their suffering and put a stop to this out-dated and barbaric business.
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