Britain’s shameful secret…

Animals in labs need you now more than ever. 4 million experiments take place each year. Every day of every week. Our Campus without Cruelty campaign revealed that half take place on university campuses. These animals need help, and World Week for Animals in Labs (24th to 30th April 2017) is the one week of the year dedicated to them. For them. Please don’t turn away.

Being a lab animal means you are generally forgotten by society. One reason for this is the secrecy surrounding this billion-dollar industry. Help us raise awareness on the need to repeal the ‘Secrecy Clause’ and take part in World Week for Animals in Laboratories. Here’s how:

1. Order our new door droppers! Let people know in your local area that lab animals shouldn’t be forgotten.

Animal Justice Project will send you for free a door dropper pack, which will include our new leaflet for distributing. Order your leaflets by emailing us at

2. Organise a local info stand!

If you are part of an existing animal rights group, and would like to organise an info stand focusing on animals in labs during World Week for Animals in Labs, we can provide you with the materials you need to make it a success! To order your materials, email

3. Contact your MP!

Write to your MP and ask them to contact the Home Office on your behalf to urge for a repeal of Section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986

More information on Section 24 can be found at:

Find out who your MP is here:

4. Campaign on social media!

We have done the work for you! Simply change your Facebook and/or Twitter covers to one of the graphics below, and show others that you are campaigning for animals in labs this World Week for Animals in Labs.

Facebook and Twitter covers

5. March for animals!

Attend the 2017 national demonstration for animals in laboratories on Saturday April 29th in Birmingham. More information can be found HERE.

6. Donate to Animal Justice Project’s campaigns for lab animals!

We work tirelessly for the most forgotten animals in our society – those in labs Our campaigns range from helping those in military labs, those used in deadly recreational drug studies, and those suffering on university campuses. We literally cannot do this work without your support. Please consider giving a donation today.