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Online campaigner

Experienced social media whizz needed to manage our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube platforms

Scientific researcher

Vital work! We need researchers with an eye for detail to sift through journals, full papers and abstracts. Also to crunch and make complex information public-friendly!

Graphic designer

Great at graphics? We need you! Join our graphics team and help make our website and social media sites look beautiful!


We rely on £££ for our campaigns! Skills needed from fundraisers to bring more money in for our important work

Street artist

Creative artists who can paint, draw and build wanted for snazzy creative stunts all across the UK!


Volunteers required from essential tasks of data entry and managing email accounts

Needed: USA coordinator

We are looking for an unpaid but dedicated, enthusiastic and dynamic USA Coordinator who is an experienced animal rights advocate.

You will be committed to furthering the cause and evolution of Animal Justice Project in the United States. Animal Justice Project has no paid staff and is funded by private donations. You will have strong interpersonal, organisational and campaigns skills and will work closely with the International Director and other USA volunteers.

Responsibilities (which can also be delegated to other volunteers):

  • Recruit volunteers and liaise with USA supporters from Animal Justice Project’s Sign Up database
  • Plan and organise with the US team outreach stalls, and purchase, using donations, materials as necessary for campaigns and events
  • Be a focal part of the team developing and executing innovative campaign strategies for Animal Justice Project USA
  • Ensure the writing of monthly content for the USA Blog, website and newsletter
  • Research content for, and write, press releases
  • Be part of creating and executing content for Animal Justice Project’s social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube
  • Identify and cultivate major gifts, create/sustain long-term relationships with major donors, prepare fundraising proposals, and manage fundraising events
  • Stay ahead of local, national, and international news stories relating to Animal Justice Project
  • Travel as necessary to launch and execute campaigns

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Animal Justice Project is a growing, international, non-profit organisation dedicated to the ending of animal experimentation and other forms of speciesism. By bringing to light the reality of vivisection, through advocacy, education, outreach and research, we aim to expose the injustices that take place in society with regards to animals.

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