Uni-Watch is a part of the Campus without Cruelty campaign where we reveal to the public what really goes on inside university laboratories. Our dedicated team of researchers are working hard right now to uncover what universities would rather you didn’t know.

Be part of Uni-Watch

We invite YOU, as a student or laboratory personnel, to get in touch and let us in on what is going on, what your experiences are and what you have seen first-hand. No matter how small (or big!) you think your information is, we want to know about it.

There are TWO ways you can share your information – it couldn’t be easier!

1. Too hot to handle?


For information that requires strict confidentiality, you can use our 24 HOUR TIP OFF HOTLINE (local call rates apply) to call us directly 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 07851 497827.

2. Email us

You can email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Without information from inside laboratories, the suffering of animals will continue unheard. We, at Animal Justice Project, treat confidentiality very seriously. In other words, we will aim to never disclose your identity.
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Campus Without Cruelty: Uni-Watch

Campus Without Cruelty: Uni-Watch (Guinea Pigs)

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