Tasha has been vegan since 2016 after switching between vegetarian and vegan from the age of 12. She finally went vegan for good in 2016 due to feeling ill and guilty when consuming dairy products and meat. Ever since her childhood Tasha has always wanted to help animals.

Tasha recalls being approached by an animal rights activist around the age of 7 who handed her a leaflet with a picture of a monkey with a metal device screwed in to his or her head. This image stayed in Tasha’s head ever since. She aims to speak out against barbaric animal testing and inspire other people to boycott companies that test on animals, as well as take action against animal cruelty. Tasha also loves to give people advice on switching to a vegan lifestyle and has created mini vegan starter packs for friends and family who show an interest in veganism.

Tasha can be contacted at tasha@animaljusticeproject.com