Hazel came across Animal Justice Project a couple years ago at a Vegfest, and was really impressed by their focus and drive to abolish animal research.

This was where she first learned about the shocking animal research happening in her city, even at the university she attended. As a vegan, Hazel is opposed to all forms of animal use by humans, be it in food, clothing, research or anything else. She believes that animals do not exist for our benefit; we need to wake up and react to the atrocities being committed every second of every day to billions of animals across the world. Animal Justice Project are successfully raising this awareness, so she was thrilled to join their fight this year and become the London Volunteer Coordinator. For the launch of our new campaign, Campus without Cruelty, Hazel has been investigating the animal research carried out at London universities, writing London press releases, and helping to create both the CwC London leaflet, and the nationwide CwC leaflet.