Lex grew up in a medium sized village surrounded by farmland. She remembers she used to regularly visit a local farm to watch the cows be milked. The absurdity of that spectacle was something she didn’t really process for a long time.

Looking back she says she is surprised by how little she questioned what was happening around her. As we grow, we learn. As she got older she began to question all that she’d been taught. She began to ask questions about the way we treat animals and why it’s acceptable to welcome some into our homes and yet horrendously abuse others. We, as a species, inflict immeasurable pain and suffering for food, for medication, for clothes and for entertainment. By becoming vegetarian Lex thought she was about to change the world but it wasn’t enough. She says that animals were continuing to suffer because of her choices. Not long after that she went vegan and became a greater advocate for animal rights. Until we’re all free, no-one is free.

Lex can be contacted at lex@animaljusticeproject.com