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Are you a science student? Want to learn more? Watch the video of Dr Ray Greek’s lecture against animal experiments, presented in accessible language at the University of British Columbia in July 2017.

Dr Ray Greek and Dr Andre Menache testify at the EU Parliament on May 11, 2015, calling for properly moderated public scientific debate hearings in the form of juries, with independent judges from the scientific community, to judge their positions against the claims made by animal modelers.

Below is a list of peer-reviewed articles written by Ray Greek and others (all are open access). Please email with additional articles for others to read and we will publish them here.

Greek R and Rice M. 2012. Animal models and conserved processes. Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling. 9: 40. Abstract.

Greek R and Greek J. 2010. Is the use of sentient animals in basic research justifiable? Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine. 5: 14. Abstract.

Shanks N, Greek R and Greek J. 2009. Are animal models predictive for humans? Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine. 4: 2. Abstract.