Core Leaders

  • Claire Palmer

    Claire has a deep interest in animals, and a long background in fighting for animal rights.

  • Sue Le Ray

    Sue is a founder and Operations Director of Animal Justice Project, managing events, merchandise and finances.

  • Lex Rigby

    Lex grew up in a medium sized village surrounded by farmland. She remembers she used to regularly visit a local farm to watch the cows be milked. The absurdity of that spectacle was something she didn’t really process for a long time.

  • Hazel Tocock

    Hazel came across Animal Justice Project a couple years ago at a Vegfest, and was really impressed by their focus and drive to abolish animal research.

  • Rachel

    Rachel is the Coordinator for Animal Justice Project in Wales. She is a vegan, and has been for many years.

  • Cecily Baker

    Cecily has been a vegetarian since birth and always felt that was enough. Until one day, whilst sitting in the Costa Rican jungle reading Peter Singer’s, Animal Liberation, she realised that she had to go that one step further into veganism, That’s when she knew she never wanted another animal

  • Melanie Light

    Melanie has been Vegan for four years after being vegetarian for over 10 years. When Melanie saw an Animal Justice Project stand at a vegan fair in Bristol she immediately signed up to help. Melanie has a background in film making and since making the award winning vegan feminist short

  • Hannah McDonald

    Despite the ironic last name, Hannah became vegan in her last year of high school while growing up in Thailand. She was inspired by a school trip to an elephant sanctuary where she was introduced to veganism and helping animals. She then proceeded to volunteer at her local dog shelter