Core Leaders

  • claire

    Claire Palmer

    Claire has a deep interest in animals, and a long background in fighting for animal rights.

  • sue

    Sue Le Ray

    Sue is a founder and Operations Director of Animal Justice Project, managing events, merchandise and finances.

  • lex

    Lex Rigby

    Lex grew up in a medium sized village surrounded by farmland. She remembers she used to regularly visit a local farm to watch the cows be milked. The absurdity of that spectacle was something she didn’t really process for a long time.

  • hazel

    Hazel Tocock

    Hazel came across Animal Justice Project a couple years ago at a Vegfest, and was really impressed by their focus and drive to abolish animal research.

  • rachel


    Rachel is the Coordinator for Animal Justice Project in Wales. She is a vegan, and has been for many years.

  • cat


    Lois is the Animal Justice Project Volunteer Coordinator based in the South West of England. She is a 22 year old vegan who loves all animals, and is owned by a dog, and a cat who acts more like a dog.