• A street artist had shoppers doing a double take today as animals seemed to burst out of the pavement in Salisbury today. Animal rights organisation Animal Justice Project organised the event to raise awareness of the plight of thousands of animals used in warfare research at nearby Porton Down government military testing facility, just seven miles away.

  • Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, overrides local council and gives permission to expand beagle and ferret breeding facility, despite over 100,000 people signing against it.

  • Following Animal Justice Project's exposé earlier this year, "Deadly Doses: A Legal Low"[1] [2] on animal experiments to research the effects of recreational drugs in humans inside UK Universities, today we can reveal for the first time that the University of Bath is using animals in cruel cocaine and heroin experiments.

  • The University of Glasgow has been involved in research on the protected Eurasian red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris), along with the Moredun and Roslin Institutes in Scotland. In the study, three red squirrels had scars inflicted on them, through which they were infected with squirrel parapoxvirus, or ‘squirrelpox’, by the researchers. After seventeen days, the animals were killed and their organs studied.

  • As reported in Sunday Times on 19 April (1), Animal Justice Project has uncovered a shocking pattern of using taxpayer’s money to fund archaic and futile animal experiments using recreational drugs in universities. As part of our new ‘Deadly Doses’ campaign, today we reveal chilling details of some of these experiments inside the University of Nottingham.