Animal Justice Project stunt at Cardiff University

Animal Justice Project stunt at Cardiff University

September 17, 2016

Animal Justice Project co-ordinated stunt at Cardiff University

At noon on Friday 23rd of September 2016, outside Cardiff University main gates on Park Place, scores of protesters will hold a silent protest in remembrance of the 52,564 animals experimented on at Cardiff University last year, equivalent to #SixEveryHour. A speech will be given by Animal Justice Project Spokesperson, Rachel Ward.

Non-profit organisation, Animal Justice Project, will launch their ‘Campus without Cruelty’ campaign to raise awareness on animal experiments conducted by the university. Animal Justice Project is opposed to both the scale and the nature of the experiments.

Animal Justice Project sent out Freedom of Information requests to 110 universities, and ranks Cardiff the eighth biggest user of animals among UK Universities. Cardiff University is the biggest user of animals in Wales, using 50 times more animals than any other Welsh university. In 2015, Cardiff University used over 46,000 mice, 2,000 rats, and 3,500 other species including rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, frogs and fish These animals are typically killed once they are deemed no longer of any use to experimenters. Cats have also previously been used in controversial experiments there.

Animal Justice Project have found a number of shocking trauma experiments being carried out on animals at Cardiff. In one study, mice were subjected to ‘impact’ to their exposed spinal chords without pain relief, and only killed by asphyxiation seven days post-trauma. In another study, traumatic brain injury was inflicted on mice caused by a free falling weight, causing “severe and widespread inflammation”. The animals were then kept alive with these injuries for a further 72 hours before being killed.

The psychological experiments on animals have particularly questionable application to human health. For example, in one experiment, rats are given “directly aversive” stimuli “producing short term stress or nausea” for the stated purpose of developing “the understanding of emotion and cognitive function in rodents” and to “provide information about how aversive some common techniques are” for rats used in experiments.

Dr Andre Menache, Science Advisor for Animal Justice Project states: “Hopefully the day is near when an animal researcher at Cardiff University is courageous and honest enough to announce that these experiments were a complete waste of animal lives and public funding”.

Rachel Ward, Animal Justice Project Spokesperson in Wales states: “Our new ‘Campus without Cruelty’ campaign reveals Cardiff University to be one of the biggest user of animals in the UK, and the experiments here include some gruesome studies of questionable benefit to anyone. Sadly, as the university’s own figures show, these trauma experiments are likely to be only the very tip of the iceberg. Cardiff University prides itself on being a leader, and thus should lead by example and put an end to these archaic and cruel animal experiments once and for all”.