Take part in Freshers Week Outreach!

18 – 24 September 2017

Animal Justice Project: Campus without Cruelty: Student Outreach (Photo: Eunice M Wilson)

Photo: Eunice M Wilson

Millions of animals are abused and killed in the name of science each year. A staggering HALF of all animal experiments currently taking place in Britain today take place on university campuses. We at Animal Justice Project believe that the students who attend the universities should know what is going on under their noses. We also believe that the general public deserve to know the horrific procedures that their hard earned money is funding.

18th to 24th of September is Freshers Week for students. We urge local groups and activists like yourself to set up info stands on your local university campus to ENGAGE with students who may not be aware of what is going on inside their university and ENCOURAGE them to turn away from using animals in their studies.

We will send you a *FREE* Campus without Cruelty outreach pack if you want to be involved. The more people like yourself out on campuses, talking about animal experiments and handing out our ‘better methods’ briefings, the better!

Just imagine how many students we could reach if each city and town took part! So please join us in speaking for the often forgotten victims of abuse inside laboratories.

How you can take part

1. Set up an information stand

Find out where you can set up an info stand or hand out leaflets on, or just outside, your local university campus. To make your stand more visible, download and print our posters below:

Freshers Week Outreach Posters

2. Create an event page on Facebook

Then send us the link so we can add you to our nationwide list of events.

3. Help us spread the word on Facebook

Share our Facebook event page and use the hashtag #freshersweek to help us reach as many people as possible!

4. Change your social media banners

We have done the work for you! Simply change your Facebook and/or Twitter covers to one of the graphics below
(remember to use #freshersweek to increase your reach):

Campus without Cruelty: Freshers Week Outreach

Facebook Cover

Campus without Cruelty: Freshers Week Outreach

Twitter Banner

5. Order our FREE door dropper leaflets

If you don’t have a university near you, or outreach is not your thing, why not order our door dropper leaflets? Email us at campus@animaljusticeproject.com


Your contribution will go towards our campaigns and will help us immensely. Please consider making a donation today.

7. Order your FREE Campus without Cruelty outreach pack

Animal Justice Project: Freshers Week Info Pack