Take part in Freshers Week Outreach!18th to 24th of September is Freshers Week for students

Local groups and activists are setting up info stands and organising outreach events at UNIVERSITY CAMPUSES around the country to engage with students about what is going on inside their university laboratories to animals, and encourage them to turn away from cruelty!

Take part!

We will send you a *FREE* Campus without Cruelty outreach pack if you want to be involved. The more people like yourself out on campuses, talking about animal experiments and handing out our ‘better methods’ briefings, the better! Order your pack here.

Please join us in speaking for animals inside university laboratories! Just imagine how many students we could reach if each city and town took part! So please join us in speaking for the often forgotten victims of abuse inside laboratories. #CampusWithoutCruelty #FreshersWeek

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