Animal Justice Project: Cures Not CrueltyThe truth about charities…

If you knew that by shopping or donating to these charities you were funding extreme animal cruelty would you still do it?

For our new campaign Cures not Cruelty we intend to expose the truth about the chilling and unnecessary animal experiments taking place in laboratories all over the country by, or on behalf of, British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK. We believe that many people are unwittingly funding extreme animal cruelty by donating to these charities, and will be horrified to learn how their money is spent.

How you can help!

1. Get active on the streets! Set up an info stand

Find out where you can set up an info stand or hand out leaflets outside your local British Heart Foundation or Cancer Research UK store. Set up a Facebook event and encourage others to join you! We can provide leaflets, posters and social media graphics to help you. You can also join Animal Justice Project organised Cures Not Cruelty events.

To make your event more visible, download and print our posters below:

Cures Not Cruelty Posters

2. Get active online!

Tell British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK that you do not support cruel and unnecessary experiments on animals:

You can also contact them by post or telephone:

British Heart Foundation
Att: Nilesh Samani, Medical Director
Greater London House
180 Hampstead Road
London NW1 7AW
Tel: 02075 540000

Cancer Research UK
Att: Iain Foulkes, Executive Director of Research
Angel Building
407 St John Street
London EC1V 4AD
Tel: 0843 2081743

3. Download our FREE fact sheet!

Read our fact sheet about the link between cancer, heart disease and consuming animal products. » Download fact sheet

Cures Not Cruelty Fact Sheet

4. Spread the word on social media

Share our social Cures Not Cruelty social media graphics and events. Use the hashtag #CuresNotCruelty to help us reach as many people as possible!

Watch the video on how eating meat causes cancer and share it:

5. Change your social media banners

We have done the work for you! Simply change your Facebook and/or Twitter covers to one of the graphics below
(remember to use #CuresNotCruelty to increase your reach):

Cures Not Cruelty: Facebook Cover

Facebook Cover

Cures Not Cruelty: Twitter Banner

Twitter Banner


Your contributions will help us expose the truth about how charities are using public donations to pay for needless experiments on animals which include dogs and cats. These charities are in fact holding back medical advancement. Please consider making a donation today.


7. Order your FREE leaflets here…

Help to end animal abuse by distributing a pack of 100 leaflets – we send our leaflets out free of charge but a donation towards printing costs is greatly appreciated.

Cures Not Cruelty Leaflets

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