BLOG: The Philosophy of vivisection – Judith Snaith

Why have we as a society agreed that experiments on non-human animals is “okay”? Is it okay because it is for the greater good, because it is necessary … or because we don’t actually know what it entails?

I know what you’re thinking; “I haven’t agreed to animal experiments”. Well the hard truth is that by buying products tested on animals you are not only agreeing with the practice, but you are funding it too. Whether it’s cosmetics, toiletries, household products or medication, you are voting with your pound.

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BLOG: Pleonexia – Extreme greed for wealth or material possessions – Jennifer Green

So something that has been playing on my mind for a very long time; have you ever stopped to take a look around your local supermarket and ever think to yourself enough is enough. Every aisle you walk through, pretty much, contains products that have animals in or that are tested on animals, all for your personal gain.

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BLOG: The Great Vegetarian Debate: And why you will never win – Simon George Howes

Let me begin by introducing myself: I am a Vegan.  My friend Kevin still thinks a Vegan is an alien visiting from outer space.  He could be right.  That look of sheer confusion on the faces of unsuspecting co-workers when someone offers to make a hot drink in the office canteen and you say“Uh, yeah – coffee for me but no milk, thanks… I’m Vegan.”  It plays out like a scene from Mel Gibson’s Signs.

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BLOG: My first ‘Animal Save’ – Hayley Foster Da Silva

I heard about ‘Pig Save’ through a friend who posted about it on social media. Intrigued, I wanted to know more. On the event I found on Facebook, it immediately drew me in. The idea was to go to slaughterhouses, hopefully stop the vans for a few minutes, provide comfort to the pigs either by giving water or/and a little love, but also to document what the reality really looks like by capturing them on film and photos which can then be shared widely to try to spread awareness.

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BLOG: Is Beauty Worth a Life? – Chloe Mayes

Sitting at your dressing table, picking up your brush and your foundation. Do you ever stop to think how it’s made or how its tested? Or do you ignore the thought of it?

Well .. don’t!

In the beauty industry, animals are looked upon as prey. How a fox would see a rabbit, if you like. But the fox is actually a huge beauty product company that wants to test and sell to the masses their ‘revolutionary’ products.

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BLOG: Researchers Scare Mice – Eunice Wilson

We reported last weekend about a new scientific study, funded by the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement & Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) which has called into question the validity of many scientific studies using mice, after discovering their behaviour depends on how they have been handled.

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BLOG: Practical tips for homeowners to make windows bird-safe – Jenny, Freelance Writer, United States

Every year, billions of birds crash into windows causing serious injuries, internal damage to the organs or at worst, deaths. Unknowingly, bird fly into windows because they believe the reflection they see is an extension of the sky, trees and flowers or other birds. According to a recent study by a University of Alberta researcher, homes with lots of vegetation (trees, plants and bushes) and bird feeders have the most incidents of collisions. Along with cats, bird collision is one of the top reasons why deaths occur.

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BLOG: Huge THANKS to everyone who made our UCL event possible! – Claire Palmer, Spokesperson

Scores of campaigners, students, and Animal Justice Project volunteers came together on Friday 2 December to hold hearts for the animals inside one of the UK’s leading universities – University College London (UCL). At our third Campus without Cruelty event in a UK university, attendees held signs, props, and encouraged UCL students to make origami hearts. The hearts were placed into the ground at the university’s Main Quad.

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BLOG: A closer look at vivisection – Rhiannon Smith, Animal Justice Project Volunteer

It is estimated over 100 million animals are used for vivisection worldwide every year. Not only are these animals subjected to cruel and prolonged treatments – something which they have no say over whatsoever – the way there are handled and housed also causes suffering, such as being put in small, bare cages.

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BLOG: Cardiff Campus without Cruelty by Rachel, Wales Coordinator

On Friday 23 September, at noon outside Cardiff University, the Animal Justice Project Wales team launched the Campus without Cruelty campaign. Cardiff University are the largest user of animals in Wales, and in the top ten users in the UK! The turnout was fantastic – with faces new and old from all the different

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