University licensed to experiment on animals using heroin and cocaine

Following Animal Justice Project’s exposé earlier this year, “Deadly Doses: A Legal Low” on animal experiments to research the effects of recreational drugs in humans inside UK Universities, today we can reveal for the first time that the University of Bath is using animals in cruel cocaine and heroin experiments.
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Animal Justice Project’s Science Advisor puts case against vivisection before European Parliament

It’s been an exciting new start for us, we launched only three months ago in the UK and the United States. Since then we’ve launched two campaigns – Secret War, and Deadly Doses, against the use of animals in warfare research, and recreational drugs research.
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Exclusive report in The Sunday Times and an event in Central London

On Sunday April 19th Animal Justice Project launched a second campaign, ‘Deadly Doses: A Legal Low’, with an exclusive report in The Sunday Times and an event in Central London.
In shocking revelations, we exposed a chilling pattern of animal experiments involving recreational drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, nicotine, alcohol and ‘designer drugs’, to name a few. They are taking place inside universities in Cambridge, Surrey, Sussex, London, Belfast, Cardiff, Bristol, Nottingham and many other places around the UK!
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Event at Animals in War Memorial

We ended another busy week with our first ever event held at the beautiful and moving Animals in War Memorial in Central London.  As part of our ongoing campaign, ‘Secret War: The Invisible Victims’, volunteers stood silently and blindfolded to represent the hidden abuses of animals inside government facilities and universities. We also received further media coverage of our campaign in The Tab Leicester and the Sunday Mercury in Birmingham.
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Welcome to the first newletter of 2016

Animal Justice Project’s Monkey Imports Campaign
Our petition to end cruel and futile malaria experiments on monkeys in Sweden continues gaining momentum, with over 35,000 compassionate people signing so far! We have already made progress with Karolinska Institute issuing a statement claiming that instead of using 120 monkeys, they will use 24. But this is 24 too many!
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