Our first Cures Not Cruelty outreach event – Birmingham!

Animal Justice Project launched the first Cures not Cruelty event in Birmingham on Saturday. With activists attending from Bristol and other parts of the Midlands, we brought awareness to the unsuspecting public about what their generous donations actually fund when shopping or donating to Cancer Research UK and British Heart Foundation.

We had a great response from the public and the day was a huge success! Most people we spoke to were shocked to learn the barbaric truth about the cruel experiments happening to innocent animals including beagles, labradors, rabbits and sheep to name a few. Images from the day can be viewed HERE. You can sign our petition to Cancer Research UK HERE, and British Heart Foundation HERE.

We had interest from the public about taking part in our events and being a voice for animals in laboratories. If you or your local animal rights group would like to take part in our regular events or arrange one in your town then do please contact

Animal Justice Project will provide you with free leaflets and posters for you to download, along with a 6ft banner if you commit to organising regular outreach at your local Cancer Research UK or British Heart Foundation store. We can also provide all the social media and website graphics you need to promote your event, so you really stand out.

To order leaflets and download posters visit

The next Animal Justice Project Cures not Cruelty event will take place in Bristol on Saturday 2 December. If you would like to join us, please come along! Follow the event link HERE.

See you on the streets!