‘Perception Issues’ See Struggling SeaWorld Profits Nosedive Again

Ailing ‘entertainment’ venue SeaWorld has seen another fall in profits this quarter, partly due to ‘perception issues’.

The attraction has been suffering a backlash since 2013 when the documentary Blackfish was aired, revealing how the park abuses orcas and other marine animals and keeps them in unnaturally small spaces.

Since then, park bosses have been unable to reverse the trend of declining visitor numbers.

SeaWorld has today reported that their net profits have dropped a massive 16 percent, compared to the year before. According to a spokesperson for the company ‘total revenues were $437.7 million compared to $485.3 million in the third quarter of 2016.’

They also state that ‘attendance in the third quarter of 2017 declined by approximately 732,000 guests, compared to the prior year third quarter.

As expected the company has cited other possible reasons for the decline including the effects of hurricane Irma in Florida which caused two of the parks to close. To a lesser extent, hurricane Harvey also caused travel disruptions and park closures.