Ghent In Belgium Has Been Called ‘Europe’s Veggie Capital’

News outlet Mic has given the Belgium city this title after an initiative called Donderdag Veggiedag, which translates as ‘Thursday Veggie Day’. This event sees more than 90 restaurants, 20 hotels, and 50 percent of the city’s population observing vegetarianism for the day.

Mic reports that before Veggiedag was set up (almost a decade ago) it was difficult to find meat-free meals in the city.

The initiative, which was implemented by environmental Ethical Vegetarian Alternatives changed all that in Ghent. They promoted plant-heavy eating by creating veggie eating guides, as well as setting up Veggiedag.

Many of the city’s chefs are now trained in meat-free cooking, and parents and children are offered free veggie cooking courses. Teachers are also given a course dedicated to recipes and tools to promote vegetarian and vegan cooking in the classroom.

EVA organiser Melanie Jacques told Mic: ‘We’ve seen that those active in veggie days move further into vegetarianism.’

‘Polls over five years show that those who participate in Thursday Veggie Day spend an average of three days per week as a vegetarian.’

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