Gucci Goes Fur Free!

Bosses of Italian fashion house, Gucci have pledged to stop using fur by 2018.

Mark Bizzarri spoke at a London College of Fashion event that the move was part of a commitment to ‘sustainability’. They have said that they will auction off all their remaining animal fur items, following a stop in production for their spring-summer range in 2018.

The proceeds of the auction will go to animal rights organisations Humane Society International and LAV. Kitty Block, president of Humane Society International welcomed the brand’s ‘compassionate decision’ and said that ‘Gucci going fur-free is a huge game-changer’.

The International Fur Federation, which represents the global fur industry, has said that to them, the decision makes no sense. ‘Claiming that they have done this for environmental reasons makes no sense’. They stated that ‘it comes from nature and lasts for decades’.

However, the Fur Free Alliance said ‘Gucci is taking a bold stand for animals, showing the world that the future of fashion is fur-free’.

Hopefully now that such a huge name in fashion has made this important pledge to no longer be part of this cruel and inhumane practice, many others in the industry will follow.

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