Forget Fur- Is It Time To Stop Wearing Wool?

The fur industry has always been at the forefront of mass condemnation, protests outside fur-selling shops all over the world and a particularly popular campaign run by PETA during Fashion Week every year. These are among some of the actions taken against the battle to stop this horrible fashion trend.

However, PETA co-founder Ingrid Newkirk explains that their new focus is going to be about shedding light on how abhorrent the wool industry is. Last year, PETA gathered secret footage from sheep-shearing huts in Victoria, Australia that helped to bring about the first convictions of sheep shearers in Australia for cruelty.

Many people will often liken sheep shearing to ‘just getting a haircut’, which is more often than not the case when they are sheared for their own comfort. However, when it comes to mass-wool production, this is unfortunately not the case. It has been found that a lot of the shearers are on amphetamines because they have to work at such a speed. The men will punch these innocent animals, smash them on their backs and hit them in the face.

We support PETA, that all non-human animals, including sheep, should have equal rights and standing in the world.

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