The Guardian Editorial announces officially for the first time, their support for veganism

September 2017

The recent article in The Guardian writes about how vegans should be encouraged and not attacked for their choice, that it is ‘high in moral as well as digestive fibre.’ The piece also discusses Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn’s recent announcement that he is ‘going through the process’ of eating more vegan food. Very soon after this his spokesperson, as if fearful of a backlash, issued a statement denying he was vegan.

Vegans are often unreasonably mocked as do-gooders or just fussy people. The article explains how unfair this is and that the diet does do the world good, even more so if every vegan could also persuade a friend to adopt the plant-based diet as well.

A recent peer-reviewed study from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that if the world went vegan then annual greenhouse gas emissions would halve and the new land used every year for each person would near-halve. The article also talks about how many meat products have been linked to cancer, and saturated fat from meat and dairy products can cause heart disease. A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA predicts that global veganism would lead to 8.1 million fewer deaths per year.

It is great to read that a well-respected national news company such as The Guardian are writing so positively on the vegan movement, and helping to spread the message about the plant-based lifestyle. This is a big step for veganism!

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