The University of Bristol Releases its Animal Experimentation Figures

For at least the past four years, the University of Bristol has failed to respond to Freedom of Information requests seeking information about animal experiments taking place there. They claimed they were unable to respond to the question of numbers and types of animals being experimented on as they had “no central system of record keeping”. In 2014, the university stated publicly that it would “implement a centralised system so that data such as that requested is more readily available in 2015”. Bristol University continued to avoid answers with regards to the number of animals, types of animals and nature of animal experiments.

Animal Justice Project kept the pressure on. We carried out several creative stunts on and off campus, as well as launched an online petition that was signed by hundreds of concerned people. We have acheived nationwide media coverage and widespread support across social media.

In September 2017, finally, the university reveals its figures on animal research!

On 5th September 2017, Bristol University finally responded to pressure from our campaign and answered the requests for greater transparency.

It can now be revealed that, in 2016 the university used 26,990 animals in research. Animals included mice (13,472), rats (3,462), zebrafish (8,964), bats (323), chickens (190), goats (108), sheep (39), rabbits (124), Xenopus (112), pigs (101), dogs (94) and cats (1).

Claire Palmer, Founder of Animal Justice Project states: “Finally, after years of campaigning by organisations such as Animal Justice Project; as well as countless Freedom of Information requests by us and the concerned public, Bristol University has told us what they’d rather you didn’t know – that thousands of rats and mice are used in cruel research within their laboratories, as well as rabbits, pigs and cats. It has been proven time and time again not only that animal research is unethical, but that it doesn’t work. An Ipsos MORI Poll last year revealed that a large percentage of the British public are against animal experiments. Today’s society will not tolerate Bristol University’s treatment of animals and it is time to end it”.

This breaking news and statements from Animal Justice Project were featured in The Bristol Post and student newspaper, Epigram.

Albums of two stunts we carried out in Bristol: The Light Brigade and Demonstration at Wills Building, Bristol.

For a report on animal use in scientific research visit the UK government website: