Positive news regarding The Body Shop and L’Oreal

Both L’Oreal and The Body Shop have been in the news a lot lately, and it’s going in a positive direction for animals!

The latest news is that L’Oreal are looking to sell The Bodyshop to ‘Natura Cosmeticos’ a Brazillian cosmetics company who have an ethical stance when it comes to environmental issues. They are considered the second most committed company to sustainable development in the world.

The owner of The Body Shop Jeremy Schwartz feels the company are the ideal company to team up with them and thinks they will help the company to rejuvenate themselves.

Many vegans and other people against animal experiments have boycotted The Body Shop for a number of years, since L’Oreal, a known animal testing company took over the company. However, with this news it seems we can start to be more optimistic, with hope for the ethics of the company towards animal testing being prioritised once again.

And the good news doesn’t stop there! The Body Shop has started a campaign against animal testing ‘Forever Against Animal Testing’  They have set up a website where you can sign a petition which they intend to present to the UN General Assembly next year calling for an end to animal experimentation. They have joined forces with Cruelty Free International for the campaign. The petition can be found here:

Even L’Oreal seems to be changing their stance towards animal testing in a positive direction as they are one of the brands looking into new technology to help prevent animal testing in future. The technology involves making synthetic human skin in a laboratory, called EpiSkin. They are using this synthetic skin to test new products to see possible sensitivities and how effective the products will be.

They are working with another company to also create synthetic 3D hair follicles.

This is positive news, as it seems attitudes might be beginning to change in the industry. L’Oreal is a huge name in the industry so fingers crossed, other big cosmetic companies will jump on board with this new technology and help to finally cut down animal testing.


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