BLOG: Vivisection – Ebony William

The word Vivisection means different things to different kinds of people. To some, Vivisection is a word associated with medical advancements, and ‘imperative’ research being done to cure diseases. To others it is a word filled with darker meanings, a word that is associated with unnecessary suffering and a lack of compassion.

The word itself comes from the Latin vivus, meaning ‘alive’, and sectio, meaning ‘cutting’… the word is sadly accurate to its meaning, Vivisection is the practice of performing operations and experiments on live animals for the purpose of scientific advancement. It is a subject that has been, and still is heavily debated and argued around the world

Mammals, rodents, fish and birds are all used in the practice of vivisection. They are genetically modified to the scientists specific requirements, they are kept in dark cages, injected, starved, cut open and slaughtered, all in the name of ‘science’.

This to me is not only immoral, in humane and down right cruel, but a lot of this testing is not even scientifically valid. Vivisection is flawed ethically, but also scientifically.

A large portion of biomedical research is focussed on human specific diseases, and a lot of the animal models used don’t give accurate enough data due to differences in toxic responses, biochemistry and species specific differences… so in other words because they are animals. An example of an alternative to this would be to incorporate more human tissues and cells into testing, I think that testing human diseases on human tissue sounds like a far more sensible alternative to what is going on today.

I’m going to tell you what Vivisection means to me… Fundamentally it means a lack of understanding. I believe that if every scientist or researcher that was involved in this practice, was to firstly fully understand the suffering of these animals, the isolation and the fear, that things would quickly change. Sadly, we cannot force compassion or empathy upon anyone, but we can only do our best to help people understand the atrocities of this practice, and do what we can to put an end to it.

Secondly if the scientists, researchers and mass corporations involved would embrace the fact that there are affective alternative methods of research out there, that would be a big step in the right direction.

There are alternatives to animal testing, there are research alternatives and dissection alternatives. So the good news is that there is no need for this barbaric practice to continue! However for these alternatives to be brought into mainstream scientific use is going to take time, and a continuous effort from those who believe Vivisection is immoral and should be stopped.

There are numerous ways we can put an end to this, let’s all be informed and help inform others! If you want to get involved in helping these animals go to:

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