BLOG: Are service dogs treated with the respect they deserve? – Alex Henry

Are service dogs treated with the respect they deserve?


Service dogs are some of the best dogs on the planet, they will always stick by their ‘owner’ and have been trained to stay calm in all situations. The number of human lives saved by these amazing dogs is unthinkable and we know as a fact they are many people’s best friends.

Imagine if a family member or friend had a mental disability and you didn’t feel confident leaving them by themselves, but you don’t have enough spare time to constantly look after them. A service dog could be the perfect solution to this situation. Not only will they provide you with an extra level of security but you will also be providing this person with a new friend for life.

A service dog can have an unbelievable effect on somebody’s life and we have seen this hundred of times around the world. Whether it be to help a blind person perform daily tasks such as safely taking a trip to the shop, or supporting somebody with a mental condition and making sure they are calm and relaxed at all times it’s clear just how important they are in our society. We can only imagine there will be more and more service dogs being issued to people around the world in the future, not only will this create better opportunities for disabled people but should also mean that these animals are gaining more respect and earning people’s trust.
Well is that in fact the case? We would say as a whole yes, service dogs do get the respect they deserve. Although there are obviously going to be some places in every part of the world that simply don’t understand the job that they do for people and just how smart they are. Just a quick example is a story I read the other day about a shop owner who kicked a blind man and his dog out of the shop. This wasn’t because the worker was trying to be evil, or even nasty to the man. It just states on the rules of the shop that you’re not allowed to bring dogs inside.

But that proves our point exactly. If this worker knew how important a service dog is to this person’s everyday life they wouldn’t even consider kicking them out of the shop. But that particular person didn’t treat the dog with the respect it deserves, had he have known the correct information the situation may have been dealt with in a very different way!


What can you do to make sure that Service Dogs are treated correctly?
It’s all about informing the population. See service dogs have only just started making their way into less privileged countries as they cost a lot of money to train. Also, the owner has to pay for food, have a suitable living space and clean water; which is yet to be the case for many people Because of this most of these people can barely tell the difference between a service dog and a companion dog, meaning they will treat them both with the same amount of respect. When more and more are being brought into the country and people are taught about the benefits a service dog will bring to their ‘owner’ we’re sure that this will change!
Although if there is one thing we must say … it’s that you should be working to make sure all dogs get the respect that they deserve. Animal abuse is one of the biggest problems in the world, and we need to do everything we can to stop it. No dog or any animal for that matter deserves to be hurt and should always be a part of a caring and loving household.

About The Author: Alex Henry is the content writer at the official service dog registration of America website which helps you to register your dogs for free.