The Future is Here!

It’s about time that someone finally decided to put all of our technology to work to help the world’s most oppressed creatures – the laboratory test subject. SynDaver Labs  is doing just that. They have developed revolutionary, realistic, synthetic, human, and canine test models that mimic the varied properties of living subjects.

The Canine “SynDaver” can mitigate the need for live canines and canine cadavers that usually come from breeding facilities or animal shelters. They can replace test subjects that are currently being used for veterinary medical and surgical training purposes as well as, in the future, replacing the need to breed millions of live animals for use by medical researchers for a variety of other purposes both legitimate and redundant.

The SynDaver canine model represents the entire canine anatomy and is made of water, fiber and salt, has a heartbeat, pulse, skin, individual organs, bones, breathes, bleeds, has musculature, vasculature, and allows students to practice trauma surgery, spays, neuters, and a variety of other procedures. Using the synthetic canine model allows students to repeatedly practice some procedures, that would normally be considered “terminal” surgeries. A live test subject would need to be euthanized after just one practice session when the student was finished with the procedure.

These models have replaceable parts and are reusable which allows each student to acquire more hands on training and more experience for the real world patient. The potential uses for this and future product types are enormous and will dramatically decrease the need for live subjects. I hope everyone supports this type of innovation and urges their local Universities and High Schools to look in this new direction for student education.

The company has a crowdfunding page to try and raise funds to donate SynDaver Canine technology to accredited veterinary colleges around the world. I encourage everyone to make a donation, no matter how small, to this very worthy cause.