BLOG: Pleonexia – Extreme greed for wealth or material possessions – Jennifer Green

So something that has been playing on my mind for a very long time; have you ever stopped to take a look around your local supermarket and ever think to yourself enough is enough. Every aisle you walk through, pretty much, contains products that have animals in or that are tested on animals, all for your personal gain.

What is the solution? I found educating myself in animal agriculture and becoming vegan was the only way to help stop this mass murder. It helped me understand that this over-consumption and manipulation of material possessions was not necessary.

Every day people like you and I are forced to believe this way of living is natural. Even though we know that fast foods make us ill in the long run, we still eat them and we know products are tested on animals but people still buy them. It’s only when you truly push past the media, the socially accepted perception, that you will see changes in your mannerisms and gain a higher consciousness. The big question you are probably asking is how do you get to that stage? I would say that even though I myself am vegan, I know that reading this article may only push you in one direction but if you keep believing in what you know is true and work hard to educate yourself you will feel more connected to nature than you  ever thought you possibly could.

To rid ourselves completely of greed we need to think differently towards the way we look at the world and how we treat all sentient beings.

“If you think we can’t change the world, it just means you’re not one of those who will” – Jacque Fresco