BLOG: Is Beauty Worth a Life? – Chloe Mayes

Sitting at your dressing table, picking up your brush and your foundation. Do you ever stop to think how it’s made or how its tested? Or do you ignore the thought of it?

Well .. don’t!

In the beauty industry, animals are looked upon as prey. How a fox would see a rabbit, if you like. But the fox is actually a huge beauty product company that wants to test and sell to the masses their ‘revolutionary’ products.

In March 2013, a EU law made animal testing and selling cosmetics that have been tested on animals illegal in Europe (even if the testing was done outside of Europe). This was such a huge achievement for campaigners everywhere! However, this hasn’t stopped it completely.

Sadly, animals are still subjected to cruel experiments for our beauty products. Although it is encouraging to see that other countries outside of the EU are looking and adopting similar bans. Even though companies cannot sell animal tested products within Europe, they can continue to test cosmetics on animals outside, and sell them on other markets. So, companies claiming to be ‘ethica’ continue to profit from animal cruelty .. just not in Europe. Many developing markets, for example China, demand that cosmetics should be animal tested. And so the only way that you can be sure you are not indirectly supporting cruel practices is to only buy products from companies that do not animal test. Period.

Animal Justice Project advises you hop over to the website of Cruelty Free International which shows you where you can purchase products that are ‘Leaping Bunny’ approved. HERE it is!

Companies that do not test on animals, inside Europe or elsewhere, include Superdrug, Marks & Spencers and Cooperative. But there are plenty more. Just look for the Leaping Bunny logo on products and check out the website for a definitive list.

So, before you replace your foundation or any cosmetic product, please make sure you research which companies do and don’t test on animals.

Because .. is beauty really worth a life?

Happy shopping!