On the 1st May at 8pm, Animal Justice Project released a Thunderclap across Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, telling University College London (UCL) to commit to a future free of animal research, and we’d really like your support to make this message as loud and as clear as possible! And it’s very easy!

As part of our Campus Without Cruelty campaign, Animal Justice Project recently exposed UCL as being the third largest user of animals in research in the UK. We took this information to the gates of the university where our supporters publicly revealed the shocking truths behind the numbers and the animals used in UCL labs. You can read about the event here and view our gallery.

We’re now asking UCL to tell us how they plan to progress and move away from animal research in the future.

On the UCL website, UCL outlines a supposed commitment to ‘Replacing, Reducing, and Refining’ animal research. Animal Justice Project advocates the 1 R only – Replacing, however the page has not been updated since 2014 and the university provides no recent information on how they are currently undertaking their promise.

We therefore are asking UCL to provide a statement outlining how they are currently working towards the 1R – replacing animals in experiments. We want to see UCL seriously commit to the principles that they previously outlined in 2014.


1. Go to our Thunderclap campaign page

2. Click on ‘SUPPORT WITH’, choosing Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr

3. Click on ‘SHARE’!

That’s it!

– At 8pm on May 1st, our Thunderclap message will automatically appear on your chosen social media platform! And it will be the same for all the other people’s platforms who have taken part.

– This will enable our message to UCL to appear hundreds of times, loud and clear, across social media!

– Our aim is to get this message ‘trending’ (in other words, the message will be so widely mentioned, it will appear as a ‘most talked about topic’ within a short space of time across social media and ensure that thousands of people will see our message to UCL.

– Don’t forget to click ‘share’ once you’ve supported the Thunderclap, and thank you for your support!