An appeal lodged by Cruelty Free International against the High Court’s ruling to allow the proposed expansion of a beagle and ferret breeding farm in Grimston, East Yorkshire has just been denied by a Court of Appeal judge.

This would have been the last possible chance to put a stop to the notorious breeders of animals for use in research, B&K Universal, from breeding up to 2,000 beagles and an untold number of ferrets here in the UK.

B&K are part of,Un cucciolo di Beagle viene salvato da alcuni animalisti entrati nell'allevamento Green Hill di Montichiari, Brescia, 28 aprile 2012. ANSA/FILIPPO VENEZIA Marshall BioResources, the US company that were also responsible for Green Hill in Italy. A protest at Green Hill in 2012 turned into a daylight rescue when activists gained access and liberated more than 40 dogs.  The facility was then later in the year seized by Italian authorities and the remaining 2,500 beagles were put under the protection of the judiciary and fostered into caring families. In 2015, two managers and the company’s veterinarian were convicted under the Animal Welfare Act of cruelty and the illegal killing of dogs.

The dogs and ferrets that will be bred here in the UK at the Grimston site will be used both here and abroad. Beagles are a preferred laboratory ‘tool’ due to their quiet and gentle nature, they are frequently used in toxicology studies, for example, poisoning with pesticides, chemicals and other toxic substances. Ferrets are the ‘animal of choice’ for studies involving flu viruses.

Take action and send an email to Sajid Javid MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

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