BLOG: Huge THANKS to everyone who made our UCL event possible! – Claire Palmer, Spokesperson

Scores of campaigners, students, and Animal Justice Project volunteers came together on Friday 2 December to hold hearts for the animals inside one of the UK’s leading universities – University College London (UCL). At our third Campus without Cruelty event in a UK university, attendees held signs, props, and encouraged UCL students to make origami hearts. The hearts were placed into the ground at the university’s Main Quad.

This was our third Campus without Cruelty event, and UCL is also the third largest user of animals  in Britain. Animals inside their laboratories include rodents, rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs. The university also incarcerates monkeys for cruel Parkinson’s disease research.

Photography on the day was managed by the amazing artist and committed animal rights activist, Lex Kartanė at IAWS. Their iconic photographs of our events have been viewed by thousands of people on social media and national media. We extend, once again, sincerest thanks to Lex for all their work with us so far.

The beautiful red hearts – 11 to represent the types of animals used last year by researchers at UCL – were created by Jeannie. Another artist who has unfaltering supported Animal Justice Project from our beginning in 2014. You can check out her work at Jeannies Animal Kingdon.

Martin Menehan (AKA: Vegan Geezer on YouTube) kindly donated his time to film the entire event. His Youtube channel has attracted over 13,000 subscribers so far, and his videos on veganism have made lasting impressions on thousands. Martin constantly gives his time for free to groups like Animal Justice Project, and we can’t thank him enough. We look forward to sharing with supporters a compilation video of all our events that he is working on right now.

Finally, the event would not have been possible without the hard work of two UCL students – Tristan Kleyn and Gracie Irene King – from Promotion of Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). And, of course, all those who took time out from their day to attend.

On behalf of the thousands of animals inside UCL, thank you.